Small Business Saturday: Our Holiday Picks

It’s hard to believe that it is the time of year to begin Christmas shopping, but 'tis the season!

We used to always have a difficult time buying presents for certain family members, but once we entered into the world of outdoor startups, we haven’t had that problem! There are so many fun brands and innovative products out there that we end up not spending nearly as much time searching for the perfect gift. Plus, it’s always more fun to support small businesses, especially since it is #SmallBusinessSaturday!

In hopes of saving you from some holiday shopping woes, we’ve included our top five favorite gifts from outdoor startups:

  1. The Pac Back Trio

The fact that the Trio is at the top of our list should come as no surprise to you. The Trio’s versatility makes it easy to give to almost any outdoors lover. They are nice and compact for RVs, great for sail boaters, easy to carry for backpackers, and are even nice to have around the house for an unexpected guest!

  1. Mountain Mel’s Herbal Goods

It’s getting harder and harder to find goods that we trust to put in or on our bodies. It is so nice to have Mountain Mel’s as a resource- her products are truly ones that you can feel good about. In particular, we love her essential salve and Hibiscus Heart Song Teas. 

  1. Luci Lights

MPowerd is a NY based company that produces small solar inflatable lights called Lucis. We love them because they pack down and are fairly weightless, so they are a good fit for an emergency kit, picnic, or camping adventure.

  1. Whyld River's Doggy Bag

These are ideal for the friend that takes their dog with them on every adventure. They pack down to a small travel-friendly size and will keep their pup warm all year long!

  1. Branching Threads' Apparel

Branching Threads was founded with the purpose to help fight climate change. For every dollar spent on apparel, they plant one tree. It’s truly a gift you can feel good about giving, and their shirts are crazy soft.

If none of these piques your curiosity, check out Garage Grown Gear! They have loads of other fun gift ideas.

Happy Shopping,

Lily and John

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