Spring Update

Life has been full over here at Pac Back! We’ve been moving, graduating, finalizing marketing materials, pitching and much more. It has been hectic, but good. And the most exciting parts we want to share with you here today!

First of all, we’ve ordered inventory! *Cheers*

After all of our manufacturing and crowdfunding struggles, it felt really good to finally press the “Go” button. As we said in our last Tent Talk, we ordered two sizes of Trios, 20”x70” and 25”x 78”. We decided to add a larger size to the line based on the feedback we received on our Kickstarter.

Currently, our factory is waiting to receive their dyed fabric and then they can start the manufacturing and quality control processes. After our mattress pads are produced they will all be inflated and left in a room for 24 hours to ensure that there are no air leaks. They will also be put underwater to further ensure that there are no air leaks. We can’t wait to have them here in Portland!

You can see a picture of our color palette below! We elected to go with option B. The blue is the top layer and the gray is the bottom. You can also see that we've elected to work with a new tech fabric on the top. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Pac Back Trio Backpacking Mattress Pad Chair and Pillow Color Scheme

Second, we have lined up some events for this summer! On June 23rd we will be at the Outdoor Project Block Party at Ecliptic Brewing, and on August 18th-19th we will be at PCT Days in Cascade Locks. We’d love to see you at some of these events and have you test out Trio in person! There will be great music, beer, and lots of giveaways that you won't want to miss out on. If you have any events you think that we should attend, we’d love to hear your suggestions!

We have also been spending some time looking for brand ambassadors. These people will be able to help us spread the word about Trio on social media. If you are interested or know anyone that might be, please send us a message.

Last but not least, we are trying to squeeze in backpacking! Are you planning some fun trips for the summer? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Lily and John

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