What happened with your Kickstarter?

Pac Back Trio Founders

Dear Friends,

Hello! Welcome to our first blog post. Our goal is to create one blog and vlog post a month. They will cover a wide variety of topics ranging from product updates all the way to funny backpacking stories, and even features on our favorite trails (as long as you promise not to tell anyone! We hate when our favorite trails get too popular...).

This week we want to share with you what happened with our crowdfunding campaign and where we are going from here. We opted to aptly title this post with the question that people have been asking us for the last month. :)

As many of you know our Kickstarter was not fully funded. Initially, we were both very disappointed. Frankly, we wanted to throw in the towel.

We had planned for the Kickstarter to be the proof of market demand for the Trio, our backpacking mattress pad that can also serve as a chair and pillow. Both of us were very tired after having dedicated countless hours to this project and not having them pay off.

Eventually, we got caught up on our sleep and had a better understanding of what we gained. We were featured in several publications, our pages were shared by incredible friends and colleagues, and after the Kickstarter was over, we were inundated with emails where people both encouraged us to keep going and asked us if they could still purchase a Trio. To all these superstars, thank you very much!

We spent a few weeks not working on Pac Back, and life just wasn’t as fun- our startup excitement was missing! We resorted to cleaning every inch of our apartments... yeah. It got bad! 

After examining the Kickstarter, all the helpful feedback, and exploring our options, we have decided to carry on! To this end, we are working with our factory to consolidate the supply chain, and by doing so, cut down on costs. This will allow us to pass on the savings to you.

As some of you may know, we are two college students who are both getting double majors and working on Pac Back. With any spare time, we work at one of our many jobs in an effort to continue to grow Pac Back. Since the Kickstarter failed, we have opted to both search for full-time jobs after graduation, which will allow us to support ourselves and save money for inventory. 

However, don't think that we won't be dedicated to Pac Back- we plan to work hard at both our professional careers and the startup. We know that it will be tough, but we are excited to take on the challenge. 

In the following months, we hope to self-fund a small amount of inventory, give out some of it to get more feedback, and then sell the rest via our website, events, and by consignment. If you want to be updated with our progress in detail, sign up for our email list here!

If you have any more questions for us on details as to why we think our Kickstarter failed, why we've decided to take the route that we have, or how you can get on the list to test the Trio, please feel free to reach out.

Until next time,

Lily and John

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