Warnings and Care Instructions


 - Do not over inflate the Trio.

- Do not fully inflate the Trio and then put it in chair mode.

- Do not sit on the Trio with sharp objects in your pockets.

- Avoid sitting on sharp rocks, sticks, or glass.

- Do not sit too close to a campfire as excess heat can compromise a mattress pad.

- The Trio is not a flotation device.

- Do not sit near drop-offs.

- Do not lean back quickly.

- Avoid having pets sleep on the pad. The top layer is not as puncture resistant as the bottom.

- Your pad is covered under warranty for any manufacturer defects. It is not covered for misuse.

- Avoid getting moisture in the mattress pad. While it is antimicrobial, avoiding spitting into the pad or getting water in the pad helps protect the integrity of the Trio so you can use it for years to come.

Care Recommendations

- When cleaning, use a damp towel to clean off any dirt. If this does not work, use non-detergent soap and a damp rag to gently wipe off the dirt. Leave the Trio rolled out on a flat surface to dry.

- Never put the Trio in the washing machine or dryer.

- Before washing, close the air valve to prevent moisture from getting in.

- Make sure the pad is dry before you store it.

- If you notice any condensation inside the pad, when you return from your trip, leave it out unrolled with the twist lock valve open. Do this for a few days before packing up the Trio.